Services, Packages and Courses

With a passion for healing the mind, the body, the heart and the spirit of women and girls, personalized courses, programs and services are geared to treat and heal the entire you and bring you into the happiest, most empowered, inspired and thriving version of you!

Wellness Coaching


A single session, in person or by phone geared specifically in regards to your life needs. In this session we discuss one specific thing you’re working on, then set the necessary tools in place for making the change permanent in your life, therefore opening yourself up to your healthiest truest self.

Meditation Session


Meditation: A mind discipline that allows the clearing and relaxation of the mind, bringing the body into deep relaxation. It reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and may slow down the agin process.  Each session is 30-minutes in length.

Ignite Wellness Package


Six months with twelve (12) 50-minute convenient phone sessions on a bi-weekly basis to create and establish and implement a plan for your life, your health and your wellness goals; successfully achieving them over a 6-month period.

Breath-work Session


Proper breathing is fundamental in living and maintaining a healthful life. These sessions teach you how to make breath your ally, therefore becoming a natural part of you, the way it was intended to be. The end result being the ability to better deal with daily stresses, frustrations, fears and challenges along with nourishing and healing the body on a cellular level. Each session is 30 minutes.

Awaken Wellness Package


Three months with six (6) 50 minute convenient phone or in person sessions on a bi-weekly basis to create and establish a plan for your life, your health and your over all wellness goals.

Assess and Explore Session


A complimentary 50-minute session to explore, discuss and assess your specific  health and wellness goals..

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